LSS Training and Certification

Master Black Belt Curriculum

 The Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt is a full time change agent, being the highest level of Lean Six Sigma technical expertise within the organization. The Master Black Belts are actively involved in training, coaching and mentoring the Black/Green Belts. It is their responsibility to:
-Assist top management in driving change
-Lean large and complex projects
-Conduct and oversee the training
-Coach and mentor Black Belts / Green Belts
-Leverage projects and resources
-Approve completed projects 

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Curriculum 

Define Phase
-Understanding Six Sigma
-Six Sigma Fundamentals
-Selecting Projects
-Elements of Waste
-Project Management   

Measure Phase
-Welcome to Measure
-Process Discovery
-Six Sigma Statistics
-Measurement System Analysis
-Process Capability   

Analyze Phase
-Welcome to Analyze
-“X” Sifting
-Inferential Statistics
-Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
-Hypothesis Testing Normal Data Part One and Part Two
-Hypothesis Testing Non-Normal Data Part One and Part Two

Improve Phase

-Welcome to Improve
-Process Modeling Regression
-Advanced Process Modeling
-Designing Experiments
-Experimental Methods
-Full Factorial Experiments
-Fractional Factorial Experiments
-Robust Design
-Axiomatic Design

Control Phase

-Welcome to Control
-Advanced Experiments
-Capability Analysis
-Lean Controls
-Defect Controls
-Statistical Process Control (SPC)
-Six Sigma Control Plans

  The Lean Six Sigma online Master Black Belt course will cover the following topics:
    -Overview of Six Sigma - Six Sigma Philosophy
    -Project Management
    -Process Mapping
    -Overview of Distributions
    -Probability and Statistical Processes
    -Basic Data Acquisition Techniques
    -Variable Data
    -Attribute Data
    -Basic Analysis Tools
    -Statistical Thinking
    -Measurement System Assessment
    -Cause and Effect Analysis and QFD
    -Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
    -Estimation and Confidence Intervals
    -Hypothesis Testing
    -Correlation and Simple Linear Regression
    -Multiple and Polynomial Regression
    -Analysis of Variance
    -Introduction to Design of Experiments
    -Full Factorial Designs
    -Fractional Factorial Design
    -Robust Design
    -Axiomatic Design
    -Response Surface Methodology
    -Statistical Process Control and Control Charts
    -Reliability Testing/Assessment 
    -Reliability Testing (Repairable)
    -Reliability Testing (Not-repairable)
    -Control Plans and Poka-yoke
    -Lean and its Integration with Six Sigma
    -Principles of Lean
    -Theory of Constraints

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