LSS Training and Certification

Yellow Belt Curriculum

  Lean Six Sigma Online Training Yellow Belt Curriculum 

Define Phase
-Understanding Six Sigma
-Six Sigma Fundamentals
-Selecting Projects
-Elements of Waste

Measure Phase
-Welcome to Measure
-Process Discovery
-Six Sigma Statistics
-Measurement System Analysis
-Process Capability  

Control Phase
-Welcome to Control
-Lean Controls
-Defect Controls
-Statistical Process Control (SPC)

   The Lean Six Sigma Online Yellow Belt course will cover the following topics:
    -Overview of Six Sigma - Six Sigma Philosophy
    -Process Mapping
    -Basic Data Acquisition Techniques
    -Variable Data
    -Attribute Data
    -Basic Analysis Tools
    -Cause and Effect Analysis
    -Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
    -Statistical Process Control and Control Charts
    -Control Plans and Poka-yoke
    -Lean and its Integration with Six Sigma
    -Principles of Lean

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