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Lean Six Sigma Canada's focus is on helping your company in developing a culture of business excellence that results in sustainable systematic improvements based on what is most important for your organization and your customers. Lean Six Sigma Canada offers online, public/classroom and onsite training and certification.




Stephen Hops

General Manager - Bombardier



"With many years of experience as a Champion of Lean initiatives, I recently decided to enroll in the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program offered by LSSCanada. I have found the curriculum to be thorough and the material informative and well presented. In particular, the availability and assistance provided by my Master Black Belt Instructor , Liviu Ibanescu has proven to be invaluable. I fully endorse the LSSCanada Certification program."


    M.Valliappan Dev - BEngg.,MBA,PMP,LSSMBB, ITIL

M.Valliappan Dev 

Operation Excellence Manager at Aeroflex Singapore



"When I was searching for Lean Six Sigma Training centres,I found a no. of them online at various pricings.For me quality of service is more important.So I started enquiring about the course coverage and support availability from all these online Six Sigma training centres.I found that Lean Six Sigma Canada (LSSC) has comprehensive course coverage inline with SSBOK and reasonable support structure from its instructor.I would recommend LSSC to anyone who is looking for quality Six Sigma Training."


    Sylviu Valen, C.E.T.

Sylviu Valen

Plant Manger at DSI Safety



"Perhaps the hardest part of Six Sigma (in my opinion) is knowing what tool to use for what situation, and LSS Canada program does a pretty good job of organizing the data to help you with these challenges. The training is “for practitioner, by the practitioner” type and seems to have the right balance of theory and practical application for the LSS professionals.Although you probably need some background courses, the trainers have the ability to mentor even the most inexperienced process improvement specialists through clear, real world examples, being able to deliver an optimum service to them."



Harini Balasubramani

AVP - Global Treasury Manager - J.P. Morgan



"The LSS program follows a holistic training, content delivery & mentoring approach. The curriculum material by Forrest Breyfogle was easy to follow. Minitab solutions provided accurate results that help in making fact based decisions. A special thanks to my MBB & Justin Paul. They both supported me immensely to complete the certification requirements on time. Specifically, my MBB was prompt with feedback, guidance and additional study materials & templates. While Id highly endorse the LSS program, Id also recommend making a special request for Liviu Ibanescu as your MBB."



 Norma Tomlins

Senior Lean Process Engineer at Coast Capital Saving


·       Liviu was my mentor in achieving my Master Black Belt certification. Liviu was very prompt in responding to assignment submissions which kept me motivated to keep moving forward at a good pace. I would recommend the Lean Six Sigma program as the assignments were a great way to confirm understanding of the material being studied. 



Geoff Renny

Manager, Operations & Reverse Logistics at Rogers Communications


·        Liviu was my instructor at Lean Six Sigma Canada while I was training for my Green Belt certification. Liviu was a strong facilitator who was very engaged, a great communicator and forthcoming. I truly appreciated the effort he put in.


 Brian Mann, C.A.

Brian Mann

Management Consultant at Focis Consulting



"The practical lean six sigma methodologies Ive learned will enable me to provide substantially increased value to my clients. I benefited most from the six sigma, verses lean, emphasis of the BB materials and assignments as I had no prior knowledge of the complex six sigma methodologies and the Minitab statistical software application. I already had a good understanding and awareness of the largely intuitive Lean concepts and methodologies so the succinct overviews provided was all I needed."



 Olivier Six

Olivier Six

Project Manager and CI Advisor at Videotron



"I just obtain my BB certification and would recommend LSSC to anyone. My MBB was really fast to answer my questions and provide me a really good support. The course coverage was really good and the extra material helpfull." 


Kathy Hawken-Roy 

Manager Enterprise Renewal at Systemscope


"I recently obtained my LSS certification within 12 months while working full-time and managing a busy family life. This is a testament to the program and Liviu's approach as Instructor. I found the program comprehensive; the feedback perfectly matched to my progress; the chapter assignments applicable and thought-provoking; and the exam a fair (but challenging) assessment of the course material. Liviu is a strong facilitator who allows the student to direct their own learning and develop their skills at their own pace."

  Noah Morales LinkedIn

Noah Morales

Manager Lean and Continuous Improvement Shaw Communications


"Liviu has been very instrumental in my Lean Six Sigma education. Besides being my instructor, Liviu has shown a lot of respect and discipline as a professional. In Lean Six Sigma Canada's black belt course, I learned a lot through Liviu's extensive experience and tools used in Integrated Enterprise Excellence projects. I cannot wait to start my Master Black Belt with Liviu and team."


Khal Salem, Master Black Belt
Director of Heart Failure and Cardiac Rehabilitation at KAMC


"I was acquainted with Liviu for being my LSS Master black belt Mentor. During that time Liviu provided great support, exceptional mentorship capability and not only very prompt and guided replies but also fair and encouraging remarks. I recommend him strongly as a LSS teacher and mentor for aspiring Six Sigma trainees."




Jim Bennett CSPO, CSM, LSSBB

Manager, Information Technology


"Liviu not only provided me with the support I needed to achieve my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification, but also supplied valuable information to go beyond theory to real world application."


 Terry Anne Schut

Terry Anne Schut

Administrative Management and Support 



"With many years experience in improving Administrative processes within organizations I recently decided to pursue the studies of Lean Six Sigma.  The Lean Six Sigma Canada training course was excellent. I found the course curriculum,and additional reference material very good and well presented.  The assignments were appropriately aligned to designated level. I would highly recommend LSSC training and certification course to professionals at all levels."



Alexander Ralph

Sr. Manager, Supply Chain Operations at City of Vancouver


"I just completed the LSSBB online training. I found that the greatest benefit of pursuing the certification online is that busy professionals can study at their own pace. The text book and the Lean Six Sigma Canada material are very good and thorough. I think I will always have these as desk-side reference for any business process improvement initiative I am involved with. Additionally, the curriculum allows to have hands on experience with statistical tools and a good grasp on some of the main functionality on Minitab. I am very appreciative to Liviu as my Master Black Belt instructor as he was always available to clarify and respond to any question that I had along the certification journey."

Francois Lafond LinkedIn

Francois Lafond

Production Director Leddar Tech


"I greatly enjoyed this training and the methodology used to learn and put into practice gradually the various elements of the Lean 6 Sigma Black Belt.  A set of tools that will be useful in my work daily.  Congratulation to your team for the quality of the support."


Barb Armstrong, PE, PMP, MBB

Senior Manager Engineering and Quality at Faraday Future

"Just completed my LSSMBB with Lean Six Sigma Canada. I found
the course assignment & project responses by Liviu Ibanescu to be very
prompt. The online program worked well for me as I work mostly in mining and in
some isolated places where there are neither instructors nor classes available.
I was taught Lean directly by Toyota sensei, did my Green Belt with the
University of Michigan and was Black Belt certified by exam through ASQ after
self-study, so I have some experience with other programs.
The Lean Six Sigma Canada MBB program is thorough and covers
a lot of material which I would have had trouble finishing if I had studied
independently like I did with my BB. So if you want a quick and easy program
look else where. Lean Six Sigma Canada MBB program is more like several
university courses and it is more of a university level or quality and that
makes it valuable and meaningful for MBB application in improvement activity."

Tibor Virag, P. Eng., PMP, CGE, LSSBB

Engineering Manager at Caframo


"Liviu was my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt instructor guiding my journey during the training and certification process. He is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with accomplished “hands on” extensive experience in Engineering and Quality. Liviu is a leader with unique blend of technical capability, data driven discipline and business acumen utilizing a “forensic approach” for identification and resolution of complex statistical matters using the Six Sigma tools and techniques."

Randy McDougall
Continuous Improvement Manager at Niagara Region


"Recently completed my online BB certification through Lean Six Sigma Canada. It was a great experience and Liviu was fantastic as an instructor. He was always available and gave clear explanation when needed. This was reflected in how well I was able to do on the exam. Thanks Liviu and L6S Canada for your support and guidance. Looking forward to pursuing my MBB next."


Hans Croukamp

Director of Operations at Brunel


"Liviu truly stands out in the Lean Six Sigma arena. He spends the time and effort necessary to fully understand his student’s capabilities. He has an instinctive sense for people and progress, and removes the guesswork out of assignments, helps you understand the topic, and provides practical solutions. I highly recommend Liviu and Lean Six Sigma Canada institute as a hands on practical, real world provider of Lean Six Sigma training."

Heather Collis

General Manager at John Brooks Company


“Just completed my Lean Six Sigma Certification on line with Lean Six Sigma Canada. This particular course provided a step above by offering a combination of the traditional Six Sigma improvement strategies and Lean improvement strategies known as the Smarter Six Sigma Solution with Integrated Enterprise Excellence (S4/IEE). I found the material provided through Lean Six Sigma Canada very thorough, informative and self-explanatory, Significant amount of reading and assignments which assists in preparing you for the real life process. The exercises provide realistic business situations and improvement approaches you can utilize going forward within your own business environment. Liviu Ibanescu was extremely helpful and responded very quickly, I was impressed with the response time of all my questions and exercise feedback Liviu provided. Highly recommended. Looking forward for the next chapter of implementation and Black Belt Certification.“


Narcis Adrian Turculet, M.A.Sc, P.Eng, LSSBB

Engineering Manager at Kenco Group


"LSS black belts are professional problem solvers …. With this in mind, Liviu (my MBB instructor) took great care to transfer all the necessary skills that future black belts will need to become great leaders and mentors. Another differentiating aspect of this BB course is the inclusion of creative-thinking exercises from Forrest’s book – ISS 2nd edition (great training / reference tool) that can be used within the structure of DMAIC when out-of-the-box solutions are needed. These creative exercises / techniques can dislodge your thinking when you are mired in your own assumptions and familiarity with the processes. Finally, this course has a practical and applied focus. Black belt candidates receive certification from Lean Six Sigma Canada when they successfully pass exams and complete a project in their workplace that removes sources of substandard quality, streamlines and optimizes processes, reduces defects or otherwise significantly contributes to cost-reduction or revenue targets. 

To Liviu, thank you for transferring knowledge from your extensive industry experience and thorough set of course content. Liviu vigorously challenged me to stretch myself, supported me in this regard, so I can extract the most value from the experience."

Jane Ioana Rusin, CBAP, LSS BB
Jane Ioana Rusin, B.Eng., CBAP

Sr. BA at RBC - Business Analysis COE

"I just passed my LSS BB exam with flying colors. I personally prefer individual study and on-line courses due to my busy schedule, so Lean Six Sigma Canada's on-line program was a perfect fit. After 44 assignments and a second read of the text book, I considered myself well prepared to take the exam. 
The support of the MBB, the practical aspect of each assignment and the availability of the Minitab software at a discounted student price are all very good reasons why Lean Six Sigma Canada is a very good choice."


Charles Kounkou

Senior Planning and Performance Measurement Officer - Agriculture and Agrifood Canada

Charles Kounkou MSc, MBA, Black Belt LSS

"I recently applied to the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt online training and I obtained my certification last month. Although I had a strong experience of the TPM           approach and some experience with Six sigma tools, I really learned a lot during the program and I was pleased to understand where and when 'Lean' and 'Six Sigma' integrate. Moreover, I really enjoyed the support from Liviu and Justin. I definitely recommend this program to anyone interesting in continous improvement."



Julie Savage-Fournier

Agente de Changement dans un réseau de la Santé en transformation


"I just got my LSS BB certificate and I'm glad I did. I've heard the ASQ certification is a good benchmark in terms of Lean Six Sigma, and to prepare for the Lean Six Sigma Canada final exam, I took some practice tests from the ASQ and passed them all. That's why I think this program is on par with the most broadly recognized certifications. However, we would need to repeat this experiment with other trainees and perform some Minitab analysis to know for sure ;)

I'm an autodidact and needed a self paced training as life is quite busy. It suited my needs and my learning style. Also, the format of reading chapters then practice the concepts right after when it's fresh is a good andragogical practice."


           Thomas Chatten LinkedIn

 Thomas Chatten

Manufacturing Engineering Manager - Tiercon Corp.


"I was somewhat hesitant to complete the LSS Black Belt on-line, but I quickly realized that it was going to be challenging.

The exercise portion of the program taught me valuable lessons and the MBB instructors feedback was always informative & useful.

When I passed the final exam, I realize that I really accomplished something. All in all, a well designed educational program, balanced for success & a satisfying level of achievement."



Adam Hammoud LinkedIn

Adam Hammoud

Strategy Deployment Manager


"Liviu was my instructor during the LSSBB course I took through Lean Six Sigma Canada over the last year. The course was an excellent experience and equipped me with plenty of tools for the workplace. Administration of the course was prompt, smooth, and professionally done. I would recommend Liviu and Lean Six Sigma Canada to anyone looking to expand their own Lean Six Sigma body of knowledge."


         Bobby Chadha LinkedIn

Bobby Chadha

Senior Hardware Engineer - GE Digital


“Training was very informative. I am able to learn tools to drive improvement in any project and currently using in a real-life project with in GE. I enjoyed it very much. I would like to thank Forrest for answering all the questions.”



      Nazmi Gilada LinkedIn  

Nazmi Gilada

Senior Director Quality - SNC-Lavalin


“I had attended the training for Operational Excellence & Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt” offered by Lean Six Sigma Canada. The training was conducted by Mr. Forrest Breyfogle, who had published 14 books about different quality subjects. The course duration was two full time weeks spread over a month. This was one of the most informative training I had attended.

The advantage of Mr. Forrest Breyfogle presented information, is that he shared examples of the successful implementation of the developed processes, across multiple industries, which enabled us to fully understand the applicability of all the processes he demonstrated. Some of the most interesting processes were done by simulation workshops, that enabled us comprehend all the scenarios that could be faced and how to deal with them from analysis and actions to be taken.

The training also gave me access to direct discussion with Mr. Forrest Breyfogle with a measurement process that I had implemented in our company and how I can take it to the next improvement level, from his wide experience and knowledge. This was an amazing opportunity, that a highly experienced and knowledgeable person like Mr. Forrest Breyfogle reviews your process and confirms that you are on the right track and how you can even further improve it.

It was a great honour to have training by such a seasoned person, who was very willing to share his experience and processes in a very simple and friendly way, that made it very enjoyable.

Lean Six Sigma Canada were very professional in answering all my questions before joining the training and made sure that I have all the required information to make the decision to participate in the training an easy decision.”


Sreekant Kumar

Director Continuous Improvement


"The MBB course was very informative and I find it's practical use in application of Operations excellence and I will recommend to any one who is seeking to improve process".




Jim Bennett

Agile and Lean Six Sigma Strategist


"Having taken my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with Lean Six Sigma Canada I felt confident the quality of the Master Black Belt program would be exceptional; which is exactly how it turned out.  Although the course contained a mountain of material, the instructor (Forrest Breyfogle III) broke it down into real world examples that applied to each of the different industries represented by the students in the class.  This made it very easy to ingest and retain. In addition to covering all of the traditional Lean Six Sigma topics, this course also delved into soft skills, such as communication, advocacy and coaching skills, which bring great value to a Master Black Belt trying to build a culture of excellence within their organization.


This training has given me a skillset that will help us change our behavior toward improved efficiency, truly apply the right tool to the task and build sustainability into our Lean Six Sigma/Operational Efficiency initiatives."



Craig B.

National Director, Operational Excellence


"When it comes to Operational Excellence and Lean Six Sigma Master Black-Belt training, there are loads of options to select from.

In researching the plethora of courses available online and in-class, I decided on the top quality, Lean Six Sigma Canada /Smarter Solutions Master Black-Belt in-class training.

The program offered next generation thinking in continuous improvement deployment through the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) system.

The course provided practical concepts, methodologies, and facilitator know-how on management of an improvement program that focuses on organizational success, beyond projects.  

I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to take their operational excellence career or program deployment to the next level."


Cheryl Holden

Master Black Belt, Global Real Estate at Hewlett-Packard



"I took the Smarter Solutions MBB workshop several years ago and found that it was extremely beneficial. SSI goes beyond typical training and covers topics that I think most trained MBBs are never exposed to. I found the course so useful that I sent one of my colleagues through the workshop last year, and plan to send another this year."


Gültekin Savaskan

Gültekin Savaskan

General Manager at SANKO SUPER FILM




"The help I got from Forrests Implementing Six Sigma book  back in 2004, made feel that I MUST attend his public BB and MBB trainings. In 2008, I attended both BB and MBB training travelling all the way from Turkey, fully funded by my company. His IEE approach goes well beyond learning the tools (which were excellent as well) and equips with vision, skills and a road map to create the future for your value chain in todays dynamic business environment. I strongly recommend Smarter 









Strategic Business Consultant

I recently obtained my LSS certification within 12 months while working full-time and managing a busy family life. This is a testament to the program and Liviu's approach as Instructor. I found the program comprehensive; the feedback perfectly matched to my progress; the chapter assignments applicable and thought-provoking; and the exam a fair (but challenging) assessment of the course material. Liviu is a strong facilitator who allows the student to direct their own learning and develop their skills at their own pace.

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