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Forrest Breyfogle - Lean Six Sigma Canada Classroom Training

Forest Breyfogle, award-winning author of "Implementing Six Sigma" will be instructing the course

Forrest Breyfogle was honored for his cutting-edge approach to traditional Six Sigma methodologies in his book, Implementing Six Sigma, 2nd edition (ISS2) at the 2005 American Society for Quality (ASQ) World Conference. ISS2 referred by many as the "how to" book recommended by ASQ, and is now receiving the coveted Phillip B. Crosby Medal. This honor is presented to the individual who has authored a distinguished book contributing significantly to the extension of the philosophy and application of the principles, methods, or techniques of quality management. Forrest has authored or co-authored eleven books, published over 150+ technical articles for a wide range of publications, and has been interviewed by television, radio, and publication editors about managing the dynamics of organizations and the application of all forms of enterprise improvement methodologies.

LSS Green Belt Training: Instructor-Led Classroom

The training curriculum is geared towards providing a firm understanding and comprehension of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt individual roles and responsibilities of the project team. In addition, students obtain the statistical and soft skills to support and implement wise Lean Six Sigma tools and applications. The curriculum foundation provides Lean Six Sigma Green Belt candidates with an enhanced knowledge base of selective Lean Six Sigma tools. The training provides an environment that is excellent for effective adult education, application, and learning.

This Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training and certification session provides substantial financial benefit for their in-class project. In addition, the training and certification serve to provide a system in which employees are fully focused on executing the correct activities at the correct time to impact positively the company’s bottom line and customer satisfaction. With a focus on developing the project execution and change management initiatives via the IEE system, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt candidates receive practical application of statistical and non-statistical concepts found through case studies, hands-on exercises, homework assignments, and follow-up assigned projects. If you see an alignment with what you are looking to accomplish, give us a call or send us an e-mail to further discuss the details (Contact Us).

Who Should Attend:

This Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training and certification is designed for business professionals or companies who desire a strong foundation in Lean Six Sigma but do not have the need for advanced statistics.  No prior Lean Six Sigma training is required.

Key Learning Points and Benefits:

-Practical application to all areas of your business
-Every tool is provided with a context for manufacturing and service industries
-Experiential/Hands on activities
-Follows a clear process improvement roadmap
-Exceeds the ASQ standard body of knowledge
-Very experienced instructors
-From a provider with a long history of providing lean six sigma and other instruction

Results Gained in Smarter Solutions’ Green Belt Course:

-Lean Six Sigma Green Belts execute real projects using a detailed DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) roadmap which can be applied to a variety of industry processes such as health care, manufacturing, and service.
-Lean Six Sigma Green Belts have a good communication infrastructure with Black Belts and Master Black Belts since they use the same detailed DMAIC project execution roadmap that these other belts apply.
-Lean Six Sigma Green Belts know how to integrate the use of Lean and Six Sigma tools in their improvement project’s execution so that they positively impact performance metrics that are important to the business as a whole.
-Lean Six Sigma Green Belts become expert solvers of problems in their business units.
-Lean Six Sigma Green Belts learn how to wisely use and integrate 5S, value stream mapping, waste reduction, and other Lean tools within a Lean Six Sigma DMAIC roadmap, so that the organization performance metrics are positively impacted.
-Lean Six Sigma Green Belts know the creation methodology for predictive performance measurements reporting that is not only applicable for improvement project execution but also for the reporting of key performance indicators (KPIs) in the organization as well.
-Lean Six Sigma Green Belts through Smarter Solutions’ training are considered to be a valued resource by executives, which can result in a long-term win-win employment relationship.

Included in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Tuition:

-Reference Text/Materials – Value of $380
-Certificate of Completion – Documentation of the number of hours completed that can be submitted for Continuing Education Units.
-Coaching (during, between, and after course) – Value of $800
-Certification (project required) – Value of $500

Option to upgrade from Green Belt to Black Belt Certification

This course is upgradable to a full Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification with the addition of two additional weeks of instructor led training.  This option is the quickest and the least expensive method to achieve a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification if you find that you truly enjoy the Lean Six Sigma methods and want to know more.

GB Public Training in Toronto: Mar - Apr, 2018 - NEW

-Two five days sessions over two months

-Green Belt Training Week 1: Mar 26 - Mar 30, 2018      
-Green Belt Training Week 2: Apr 23 - Apr 27, 2018        

Yorkville Conference Center
150 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON M5S 2X9
Lunch: - provided
Price: $4,500 USD per GB student
-Discounted rates: $4,050 USD per GB student for those paid and registered 30 days in advance 
-Discounted rates: $3,850 USD per GB student for groups of 3 or more from the same company


To maximize the effectiveness of our training sessions, Lean Six Sigma Canada and Smarter Solutions (LSSC/SSI) limits the number of attendees per class (min 12 – max 15). Substitution can be done — please advise three weeks in advance. Registrants who have been confirmed for specific training sessions may reschedule or cancel reservations without penalty up to 15 business days before the scheduled class start date either by calling Lean Six Sigma Canada or by email to:

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Quality Digest interviewed Forrest Breyfogle at the QualityExpo conference where he was one of the top speakers. During the video was discussed what Quality professionals and others could do to take their profession to the next level. Forrest’s interview starts about five minutes within the interview. You can view this video through the link below: 

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LSSC reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any scheduled training class upon ten business days notice to confirmed registrants. Registrants may then enroll in the next available offering of the course, or cancel the registration. In the event of cancellation by LSSC, any payment made for the cancelled class will be refunded. The client understands and agrees that LSSC, in any way, be held responsible for any costs, including loss of airfare or other transportation costs, hotel expenses or other damages, which the client may suffer in the event that LSSC cancels or reschedules a class.

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