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Minitab Statistical Software

Lean Six Sigma Canada is an authorized Minitab reseller. Discounts are available.

Lean Six Sigma Canada offers a very competitive price on a Minitab timed version. This offer is available for purchase by our students, consultants and third party organizations (e.g. universities or community colleges hosting training sessions), so they can more affordably offer students use of the software in their classes.  The timed version offers both Minitab Statistical Software and Quality Companion for 1 year.  

Please call customer service at (Toll Free): 1-866-623-0860 or email at customerservice@leansixsigmacanada.com to check the price for the Minitab timed version.

Minitab Statistical Software

All prices in US dollars.

Software Licensing Options

All license fees are for the Windows version of Minitab Statistical Software. Licensing options for Minitab are as follows: Perpetual Use License (individual copies) or Annual Use License (multi-user copy, renewed annually). Please call us for information about various language versions of Minitab for Windows.

Perpetual Use License -- Single User Copies

Single Copy:

Includes:- Perpetual license to use Minitab- Free technical support**- Upgrades to new releases at low upgrade fees- Meet Minitab -- Introductory manual provided online- Software via electronic delivery or on CD

List Price



Discounts available

Quantity Discounts:

Number of copies per order

List Price:

NOTES:1. End-user company information is required for order processing..

2 - 10


Discounts applicable

11 - 20


Discounts available



Discounts available

Annual Use License -- Multi-User Copy, Renewed Annually

Number users:

List price per year


Number of users

 List Price


1 - 5


Discounts available

101 - 200


Discounts available

6 - 10


Discounts available

201 - 300


Discounts available

11 - 15


Discounts available

301 - 400


Discounts available

16 - 20


Discounts available

401 - 500


Discounts available

21 - 30


Discounts available

501 - 600


Discounts available

31 - 40


Discounts available

601 +


Discounts available

NOTES: 1. Discount is available only for first year initial purchase.2. Minitab requires complete contact information for the company license coordinator to process order.3. Renewals will be processed by Minitab directly with end-user company.

Includes:- Annual license to use Minitab (renewable)- Free technical support**- Upgrades to new releases at no charge- Meet Minitab -- Introductory manual provided online- Software via electronic delivery or on CD

** Technical support provided free for all currently licensed users for as long as the current Minitab Statistical Software release is generally distributed by us, and one year thereafter

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