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 Most of today's successful Lean Six Sigma organizations have had their managers trained to at least Lean Six Sigma Green Belt level.

 Many professionals in today's market often disregard or are not aware of the immense benefit statistics can have on solving issues in their discipline.
It is unfortunate that very often, the statistics analysis applied by, let’s say engineers, doesn’t extend beyond a capability analysis or reading a control chart.

  Lean Six Sigma Canada offers Yellow BeltGreen Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt online training and certification. The same training and certification belt levels are being offered on our classroom training (either onsite or public/open enrollment). In addition, for the onsite classroom training we offer White Belt (General Awareness), Champion, Project Sponsor and Executive Leader training as well as Implementation and Deployment Planning and Benefits Capture training.

Certification is granted by Lean Six Sigma
Canada after successful completion of the training requirements. Lean Six Sigma Canada training services include both classroom training and online distance training. 


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