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   Lean Six Sigma Canada's focus is on helping your company in developing a culture of business excellence that results in sustainable systematic improvements based on what is the most important for your customers.
   In the past few years there has been a high demand for individuals experienced in Lean or Six Sigma methodology. However, lately, organizations from around the world seem to have discovered that the combination of the two, Lean Six Sigma, is more effective and efficient towards the improvement of their business.
  Whether you are seeking a promotion or a career change, the Lean Six Sigma training and certification represents a great addition to your resume, giving you a competitive advantage. The need for people trained in this methodology will definitely continue to increase, as these are the leaders that are capable of setting priorities based on what is critical for the business.
  Certification is granted by Lean Six Sigma
Canada after successful completion of the training requirements. Lean Six Sigma training services include onsite/classroom training , public/classroom training and online distance training. 

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  The Lean Six Sigma Canada certification is not a license. It is the professional equivalent to peer recognition, that an individual has demonstrated comprehension and proficiency in Lean Six Sigma methodology.
  Lean Six Sigma Canada offers no warranty either expressed or implied that this Lean Six Sigma online training will lead to increased income or career advancement for the participant. Payment in-full is required prior to delivery of the Lean Six Sigma Canada's login credentials, training material and your assigned Master Black Belt contact information. No refunds are allowed after transmission of these training materials. The student must agree that all training materials obtained from Lean Six Sigma Canada are for personal use only.

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