LSS Training and Certification

Training Pricing - Tuition Fees

  For the onsite training, the Yellow/Green/Black Belt candidates will receive printed or soft copies of the training material and hands-on training with Minitab or ProcessMA statistical software. Please contact Lean Six Sigma Canada for pricing.
For the online training, the Yellow / Green / Black Belt candidates have up to fourteen months to complete all the certification requirements and eighteen months for the Master Black Belt certification. Typically completion of the certification requirements takes one to five months; however, being a self paced program it is highly dependent on student input and the time dedicated to studying.

  The Green Belt certification is not a prerequisite for the Black Belt program. The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training program fully includes all the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt curriculum. Based on experience and knowledge, the candidate may choose to start the training at any level desired.

  The Lean Six Sigma Canada certification is granted to those individuals who successfully complete all
certification program requirements.  There is no continuing education or other requirements necessary to maintain the certification once obtained.

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Online Training and Certification

If you are a student, unemployed or a veteran please call us for special discounts.

Lean Six Sigma Canada's Instructors

Public / Classroom Training

Forest Breyfogle, award-winning author of "Implementing Six Sigma" will be instructing the classroom training - NEW

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